Photoshop VS Illustrator: Which is Better?

As a graphic designer, you ought to use both of Adobe‘s famous graphics programs: Photoshop and illustrator as each one has its own special tools and features that you’ll permanently need to use.

However, many designers get stuck while choosing the best program to work in for a specific project. So, in the following, Icons will tackle the features of both of them.

    • Photoshop: Basically, it’s much better in modifying and editing the already created images and graphics. The drawback of the Photoshop is that it works with pixels which means that resizing or scaling up or down the graphics using it will cause a pixelation or a loss concerning the quality of these graphics.

It’s better to use Photoshop in:

  • Web graphics, editing the fixed photos as it includes a lot of unique filters and effects, and in web design.
  • It’s a pixel-based format
  • Launched in 1988


  • Illustrator: Unlike Photoshop, illustrator can’t modify the already created images, instead it is used a lot in creating logos and vectors that may need to be resized or manipulated later without risking to lose its quality.

It’s better to use illustrator in:

  • Creating logos, creating digital products, sketching, and graphical illustrations.
  • It’s vector-based software
  • Launched in 1987


Every designer has a preferred program to work with. However, you can never rely on one of them only. In your workflow, you have to mixture them in order to finish your projects perfectly.

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