Photoshop CC (2017): New Features

In the following few lines, Icons will present the new features and improvements of Photoshop CC (2017).

  • Photoshop Search Bar:
    Photoshop now supports the search bar wherein you can find your favorite tools easilyو in addition to the shortcut of such tool. Also, in the search bar, you can search for tutorials for any tool you need to use in the learn section. These tutorials are linked to adobe help website. Another thing you can do with this bar is that you can search in adobe stock for images which might be free or premium based on your subscription membership to creative cloud.
  • Visual File Screen:
    Photoshop also supports adobe stock visual search for templates and search, in which you can choose presets, templates, photos, illustrations, or web. Also, you can create your own special document of the pixel size that you want.
  • OpenType SVG Fonts and Characters:
    SVG fonts allow gradients and multiple colors in the text cliff. Also, Photoshop comes with Trajan color.
    It also supports emojis fonts which will be much easier than searching for the emojis that you need.
  • Face-Aware Liquify:
    Through this new feature, you can adjust the width and the height of the eye, nose, and mouth independently.
  • Typekit Marketplace:
    Photoshop CC (2017) supports the Typekit marketplace wherein you can buy various great fonts to use them in your projects.


There are still great improvements and features on Photoshop CC (2017). Above, we’ve tackled some of them.

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