InDesign CC (2017): New Features

In the following few lines, Icons will present the new features and improvements of InDesign CC (2017).

  • Large Tabs Preferences
    In InDesign CC (2017) you’re can control the weight and the height of the document tabs. Go to Preferences > Interface > Panels > then you can turn off or on the Large Tabs button.
  • Customize Control Panel Updates
    In the new version of InDesign, you’ll find a dedicated button for “customize control panel” at the top of the control panel. So, if your screen is a small one, you can enable and disable the controls based on the ones you use more and the ones that you don’t.
  • The Search Field Improvements
    The new feature in InDesign CC (2017) search field is that besides searching for adobe help, you can search for images in adobe stock.
  • OpenType Enhancements
    As soon as you select a text frame, a new menu will appear in the bottom of the text frame that allows you to activate or deactivate OpenType properties. Also, you can highlight a specific phrase of your text and the same menu will appear to offer you the OpenType properties for that phrase.
    Another thing about the OpenType enhancements of InDesign CC (2017) is that you can highlight an ordinal shape for the text and a pop-up suggestion will appear which whenever you click on, it’ll update that ordinal in your text automatically.


Still there are great improvements and features of InDesign CC (2017). Above, we’ve tackled some of them.

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