How to overcome Creativity Block as a Graphic Designer?

As a graphic designer, you need to be a creative person who is able to generate new ideas all the time. However, it’s normal to feel like you’re out of ideas for a while.

All of us go through such situation within our daily work whether we write, design, or draw. So, in the following we will provide tips to overcome such issue.

  1. Don’t Panic: You’re working on a project, the time is running, the deadline is approaching, and you’re stuck in ideas. So, if you decided to panic, would it help?
    Relax, don’t pressure yourself, and try to pull away from your laptop, get some fresh air, and do something else than the project you’re working on.
  2. Write down your Ideas: You may find inspiration anytime, anywhere; on your way to work, while eating, or maybe while sleeping. So, wherever you go, carry on your note in your bag and whenever you get inspired, draw some lines and define the colors that attract you.
  3. Explore Different Arts: Take a look at works that differ from the way you work. Inspiration usually comes from exploring new designs. Of course, we don’t mean copying, but expanding your horizons. This will help you to refresh your mind.
    You can follow:
  4. Ask Your Colleagues about their Opinion: When you’re indulged in the midst of a project, you’ll not be able to see things clearly. So, ask for your colleagues’ opinion as they will have a different point of view.
  5. Create Your Workspace: The place you work affects your creative ability. So, stick quotes and pictures that motivate you. Also, every once in awhile, you’ll need to change your workplace in order to get refreshment.


It’s OK to feel like you can’t generate ideas and create a new design especially if your work requires innovation. You just need to control such situation.

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