Avoid These Mistakes While Creating a Logo

In the process of creating a unique and memorable logo design, designers make various mistakes. So, in order to avoid these mistakes, in the following few lines, Icons will tackle such mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Poor Font Choice: Saving your effort and time for the logo design itself and pick a font briskly is a huge mistake that a lot of designers make. As the font in the logo is the first thing that the eye search for, especially if the logo isn’t so meaningful. So, search, try, and if necessary create your own font,
  2. Vector Graphics or Raster Images: For the logo, you should definitely go with vectors as it’s easier to edit and scale to any size without losing the quality as these graphics are made of mathematically precise points,
  3. Overusing Special Effects and Colors: Commonly the logo that relies on special effects and excessive colors is not strong enough to rely on its own meaning and design. So, design your logo in black and white colors without using special effects and if you’re satisfy with it, you can apply your colors and effects. Don’t exaggerate,
  4. The Fear of Being Mocked at: A lot of designers follow the rules just because they’re afraid from being rejected. Rules are made to be broken, get out of the fake laws zone and unleash your creativity; you don’t know it might be the new rule!


Above, we’ve tackled some common mistakes that many designers fall in while creating a logo. Keep them in mind while creating your own.

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